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Book Bliss

Posted on October 23, 2015 at 6:00 PM

I generally don’t advocate retail therapy, but I am willing to bend a little in this instance. A local organization, Friends of the Tompkins County Public Library, has been having a Fall Book Sale this month and the proceeds benefit public libraries and organizations invested in literacy. It’s an affordable way to cultivate your own personal library and the books greatly decrease in price as we reach the terminus. Collecting antique books is probably one of my biggest indulgences. There is just something about old books that captures me, the dustier and mustier the better. If I immediately succumb to hacking coughs after brushing off the cover, that’s the book for me. There is such a rich history steeped in creased pages and battered bindings. After decades of moving from hand to hand, it’s like the books lived their own lives and took on their own kind of soul. It is amazing to envision everyone who had turned those pages and was moved, who cried, who was swept away by the story. I’ve found loving dedications inscribed on inside covers and random mementos tucked away between gilded pages and then forgotten. Sometimes readers scrawl reactions and comments in the margins, a keyhole glimpse into their minds. There is a beautiful multi-tiered interaction taking place between me and the author, me and the corporeality of the book itself, and between me and all the other people who have held the book in their hands. It’s a way to feel connected to something greater and more enduring than myself. I try to read as much as I can, both fiction and non-fiction. Stretching our minds and imaginations is an important part of self-care and personal growth. I also came across an interesting article that chronicles various studies demonstrating how reading can help people develop empathy and the ability to take other perspectives. So, settle in, blanket cuddled and hot mug of Earl Grey in hand, and let each word pull you deeper into Garamond-built worlds.


These are some of my finds from the Book Sale.

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